Searching for the Best Financial Advisor in Kolkata – 5 Key Factors to Consider


While it is important to earn money and increase the number of income sources, it is equally significant to properly invest your hard earned money. A Financial Planner helps you plan your future and prepares you for unplanned expenses. We have figured out some of the key factors to help you decide and select the Best Financial Advisor in Kolkata.

People tend to invest money based on various objectives, goals, risk appetite and stage of life. You have probably noticed how difficult it can be to investment in the right direction and maximize your wealth. Whether it is Portfolio Management, Retirement Planning or Tax-Saving Solutions, you need someone to guide you properly and make right investments. If you are looking for the Best Financial Advisor in Kolkata (The City of Joy), it can be difficult though but not impossible.

“To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep.”

-David Bailey

Here are the 5 Key Factors to help you choose the Best Financial Advisor in Kolkata!!

5 Key Factors to Choose the Best Financial Advisor in Kolkata:

1. Experience

You need to make sure that your Financial Advisor has good experience working with clients similar to you and your requirements. You should try to understand their speciality and expertise. All Financial advisors do not have the same set of skills and cannot offer the depth of service you want. A degree or a certification can be good but in this rapidly changing dynamic market, experience does matter. An experienced financial advisor with the right set of skills will protect you from all kinds of financial risk. He/she will not only create a proper financial plan for you but will also keep on improvising it based on market outlook. In today’s market a financial advisor should not only have knowledge about the Indian markets, but they should also have a fair idea about the events happening globally.

2. Basket of Products/Services

One should also look at the number of products/services the financial planner is dealing in. A higher number creates a set of greater opportunities for an investor. A Financial Advisor dealing only in equity oriented market schemes will have limited services to offer when compared to one who is dealing in both equity and debt instruments. There are a lot of products in the market and you should consider having a small piece of every pie the market has to offer.

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    3. What Kind of Financial Advisory Services you Want?

    So, you are looking for the Best Financial Advisor in Kolkata. That’s alright, but have you figured out what you really want? What kind of Financial Services you are looking forward to?

    If you are looking for Retirement Planning, then you need someone who specializes in this field. If you are looking forward to wealth building, then you need a Wealth Planner. Again, Estate planners will help you distribute your estate between your beneficiaries. There are Traditional Financial Advisors, Online Financial Advisors and Robo-Advisors as well. It totally depends on the situation and whether an investor has any desire to meet the financial advisor personally. A Traditional Financial Advisor with Digital Solutions and Platforms to ease the way of transacting and processing is definitely an add-on.


    4. Reference Check

    It’s always the best practice to do a quick reference check. Try to connect with people in your segment to find out the best financial advisor for yourself. A word of mouth or Reference helps you avoid getting scammed. Again, you can also go the other way round by finding out the customers of a reputed financial advisor to get proper feedback. This can be difficult because a financial advisor will not disclose his/her customers to you due to privacy guidelines. You can also check a Financial Planner’s website to understand the credibility and services they are offering.

    5. Quality of Service & Client Base

    You should also check the services offered by the Advisor including Portfolio and Report Generation. You need various reports at different point of times. Even at the time of tax-filing you have to show reports to your Tax Consultant accordingly. You should have access to Reports like – Portfolio Valuation Summary, Transaction Summary, SIP Performance Summary, Dividend Summary, Insurance Premium Statement to name a few.

    Again, the client base is also an important factor to consider. The Financial Advisor with a higher client base somewhat shows the talent of that person. At the same time, if a financial advisor is too much loaded with customers then quality also gets compromised.

    So, Finally it’s on you to decide which Financial Advisor suits your purpose. These factors will help you get an overview and empower your decision making capability. You should try to find that person who’s going to work honestly in your best interest. It might take some time but at the end of all you will get better advise, save money and earn more while achieving your financial objectives.


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