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We Deal In....

Mutual Funds:

Mutual Fund is one of the popular money market instruments. It is managed professionally and can get you good returns if invested at the right time and of course in the right fund. Now, there are different types of Mutual Funds Schemes in the market. We analyze the market trends and the fund's investment objectives thoroughly. We take into consideration the Standard Deviation(SD), Price to Earnings Ratio(P/E), Beta (β), and many other factors to understand the volatility of the fund. It helps us in selecting the right fund for an investor.


On the broader level, the Mutual Funds can be classified into Open-Ended Mutual Funds and Close-Ended Mutual Funds.


Classification of Mutual Funds based on the Principles of Investment:-

Equity Funds

Balanced Funds

Index Funds

Fund of Funds

Debt Funds

Gilt Funds

Liquid Funds

Sector Funds

One can start with a SIP or Lumpsum in Mutual Fund. It depends on the market scenario and the investment objective. As a matter of fact, one should always remember that the past performance of a mutual fund doesn't predict future returns.


We provide you with the best schemes available so that you can create the right portfolio. There are different types of schemes available across the asset class and you can select the option based on your requirement.

(Please Note: Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risk. Please read the offer document carefully before investing.)


Life is ever-changing and one should be prepared for all kinds of eventualities. An unforeseen and sudden expenditure can create unnecessary trouble for you. Insurance helps you in minimizing the financial liability arising from all these unplanned expenses. Insurance Policies help you in managing the risk and improves the quality of life.


Now, there are different kinds of Insurance policies available in the market to suit your need. Let's check them out!

Different Types of Insurance Policies:-

Life Insurance

Motor Insurance

Property Insurance

Pet Insurance

Health Insurance

Travel Insurance

Fire Insurance

Disability Insurance

A little bit of knowledge can create huge difference when you buy an Insurance Policy. Insurance reduces stress and gives you peace of mind. It is always recommended to consult and select the right kind of Insurance policy. We help you in selecting the right Insurance Policy based on your requirement so that you can overcome those unforeseen challenges.

Fixed Deposits & Bonds:

Fixed Deposits are still one of the safest money market instruments. It is very important for an individual to diversify his/her investments. It is a risk-free instrument that gives you guaranteed returns. They also give you flexibility with regards to tenure of investment. The interest rates are also sometimes higher than the Government Bonds or Treasury Bills. One of the important aspects of Fixed Deposit is that it is a secured Liquid Investment. If required, you can break your Fixed Deposit. You can also apply for Loans against your fixed deposits.


The Capital Gain Bonds under Section 54EC are also secured and backed by the Govt. of India. It provides you with decent returns. You can invest in these bonds for upto 5 years. It helps you save taxes on your capital gains and you have an assured income. These bonds AAA-rated and so you can be rest assured of it. 

Fixed Deposits

Capital Gain Bonds Under 54EC

You need to have proper guidance to make investments in Fixed Deposits and Capital Gain Bonds. We help you in making the right investment and make sure that you don't face any problem. There are a lot of flexible plans available and you can make your investment as per your requirement.




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